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About Exactration

Exactration was founded in 2009, and conceived from discussions regarding TARGETED or EXACT filtration.
Our Team

Exactration's team of filtration and fabrication professionals have served the filtration requirements of the automotive & steel industries from concept, design, fabrication, and installation to commissioning.


We are a company focused on designing and manufacturing filtration and separation systems that remove targeted constituencies from fluid or air streams. Exactration's systems differ from traditional barrier filters, which are indiscriminate in what they capture, by only removing the EXACT material targeted.


Exactration provides systems used for purifying a fluid or air stream, as pretreatment to improve the performance of downstream filtration systems, or used to mine a fluid or air stream to caputure a targeted material of value.

Our Services

Exactration offers a full line of services with a clear process and defined
objectives that are tailored to the customers needs.


Our recent projects pages provide a sampling of the Engineered Systems we have delivered to our customers.
Click on the projects below for more information.
Sump Cleaner
Vacuum Filter
Duplex Bag Filter
Degreasing Skid
Magnetic Separators and Oil Separator
Roll Coater Skid
Tube Decreasing Skids
Rinse Tank Skid
Drive Rebuild

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