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BiSep™ Oil Separators

BiSep™ Oil Separators

Exactration’s Patented BiSep™ Dual and Multi-Stage Oil Separator Products flex their muscles when it comes to Separation and Removal of Tramp Oils from liquids.  Our Patented Technology employs Boundary Layer principles of flat-plate, laminar flows for estimating velocity profiles and liquid level heights to ensure effective capture and removal of tramp oils.  Unlike belt or rope skimmers, our design together with our Patented SkimMate Floating Skimmer captures concentrated tramp oils throughtout the entire tank and forces the concentrated tramp oil solution to the rotating drum for Removal.    Typical materials of construction are carbon or stainless steel.

Exactration BiSep™ features:

- U.S. Patent 9,707,494
- Up to 50 gpm Flow Rate Capacity
- Up to 10 GPH Oil Removal Capability
- Coalescing / Quiescent Tank to Allow Free Oils to Rise to the Surface
- Water Conveyance for Carrying Unwanted Oils to Composite Drum
- Composite Drum for Mechanical Removal of Unwanted Oils
- Automatic Purge Cycle for Removal of Residual Oils
- Automatic Adjustable Overflow Working in Tandem with the Purge Feature
- Plug-N-Play with Local Control Panel
- Integral Product with the Exactration SumpMate sump cleaner

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