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Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Separators

Exactration’s Magnetic Separators are an industry standard for separation and removal of ferrous particulants in small and large flow rate applications.  Offered in a large array of Models and Sizes, these products are a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industrial filtration applications from grinding and honing to steel rolling mill applications.  Each unit incorporates High Strength magnetic bar technology at close spacing for excellent capture and removal of unwanted magnetic and paramagnetic particles. Also, these units reduce or eliminate the need for disposal medias.

Exactration offers (3) Styles of Magnetic Separators each designed for specific applications.  The (3) Styles are as follows:
- Magnum "MAG" Series 
- High Standard "HS" Seris
- Revolver "RV" Series

Download our brochure of each Style for explanation of benefits and applications.

Downloadable Brochures:


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