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Magnetic Separator
(Spare Parts)

Magnetic Separator
(Spare Parts)

Exactration offers an exclusive full line of Spare Parts for our Patented Magnum Magnetic Separators and a full line of Spare Parts for existing Bar-Type Magnetic Separators.  The following is a list of Spare Parts typically required by industries such a Steel producing and Automotive:

- Magnetic Bars
- Complete Drive Wiper Mechanisms
- Trolleys for Drive Wiper Mechanisms
- Urethane Wipers 
- Wiper Holders
- Chain Carrier Assemblies
- Chain Carrier Attachments
- Chain Guide Assemblies
- Reducers (Falk or Grove), Bevel Gears
- Stainless Steel Roller Chain (for Mag Bars)
- Auger (for Sludge Conveyance)
- Drive Chain and Sprockets
- Cleaning Brush (for Magnum)
- Plastic Bar Rollers (for Magnum)
- 2-Pc Set Collars (for Magnum)

And much, much more.  Call or Email us for any of your Spare Parts needs.


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