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Process Waste Skid

Process Waste Skid

Exactration provided complete Engineering, Design and Fabrication Services for an 11,000 Gallon Industrial Waste Water Storage Tank Skid.  The purpose of the Skid is to receive Industrial Waste Water from the Automotive plant, store it and manually pump to a Tanker Truck using an Unload Station as a batch process.  The system included the following:
  (1) 11,000 Gallon Sloped Bottom Industrial   Waste Water Storage
  (1 Op, 1 Standby) Pump Skid
  (2) Bag Filters/Strainers Assemblies
  (1) Sump Pump/Pneumatic Panel
  (1) Forkliftable Mounting Frame
  (1) Main Electrical Control Panel with PLC & HMI


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