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In-Line Strainers

In-Line Strainers

Exactration’s In-Line Suction Strainers are a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industrial filtration/straining applications.  These units are offered in single or multiple strainer basket sizes to maximize filtration capability in a small footprint. Strainer Housings can be arranged in single, duplex or multi-plex arrangements to meet most demanding flow rate applications.  

Each In-Line Suction Strainer  features:
- Line sizes up to 24” Dia. 
- Stainless Steel basket Strainer with O-Ring Seal for Positive Sealing to Housing
- Eyebolt or Davit Cover for quick access (depending on housing size)
- Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction
- ANSI Flange Connections
- Cover Vent Port
- Pressure Gauge Ports
- Low Point Drain Port
- Round or Flat Bottom Designs

Custom Designs available for your application.  Download our brochure for additional information on this product.


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