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Exactration’s Line of GHP Filters are unlike any filter on the market.  A revolutionary product to the conventional Vacuum Filter, our GHP Filters offer comprehensive design features for ferrous Grinding, Honing and Polishing Filtration applications.  These units offer many feature benefits such as filtration capability down to 5 micron clarity in a much smaller footprint when compared to vacuum filters.  

Each GHP Filter Model features:
- Exactration's Patented "MAG" Series Magnetic Filter for Primary Filtration and removal of Magnetic and paramagnetic particulants
- Bag Filters for Secondary Filtration (polishing) with many media selections available for various applications
- Local Operator's panel for Fully Automatic Feature
- Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction

Custom Designs available for your application.  Download our brochure for additional information on this product.


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